12 Week Superconscious Transformation

12 Week Superconscious Transformation

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Whether you know it our not you can release all the annoying shit that's been preventing you from leveling up!  By Harnessing The Power Of Your Superconscious, you can  level up financially, improve your relationships, improve your physical and mental health... and most importantly reconnect with your core self to live a truly fulfilled life. Here's what you can expect:

  • Leverage Superconscious recodes to release the resistance to change in your energy field, unconscious and conscious mind and emotions
  • Quantum jump onto a timeline aligned with your desired reality
  • Anchor in new habits aligned with your desired identity
  • Recode family entanglements that have programmed you to repeat generational patterns of behavior and perception that you can't seem to change
  • Learn how to recode yourself

This is a 1:1 Program that includes the following:

  • 12 weekly superconscious recode sessions  
  • Daily recorded guided meditations & visualizations 
  • Text chat checkins during the week

If you are trying to truly be a greater version of yourself for 2021... Join me on the most magical and rapid transformation of your life through the power of your Superconscious through quantum processes backed by neuroscience and tons of real life case studies.